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Weight Management for Life is now entering its 28th year.  It is a unique, multifaceted program designed for adult men and women who are 50 pounds or more overweight. Achieving—and maintaining—a healthy lifestyle for lifelong weight management is the primary goal. You will learn to gain control of your own emotions, eating, and exercise.

You may participate in this program in a small, structured, supportive group format—or individually.  This comprehensive program incorporates emotional, behavioral, nutritional, and physiological issues pertaining to weight loss.  Although the main emphasis of Weight Management For Life is the psychological component, some of the group sessions are staffed by a registered dietician and an exercise expert.  We all work together to help you achieve your goals of long-term weight control.

The Weight Management For Life group combines therapy and education.  We will meet once a week for 6 months.  You will learn strategies for living a healthier lifestyle, and better understand the psychological issues that interfere with your permanent weight loss.  You will learn the latest information about nutrition and receive guidance for food management.  You will get advice on exercise for both weight loss and long-term health.  Throughout the group, we emphasize the importance of taking good care of yourself. Group sessions are supplemented with individual meetings with the clinical psychologist, nutritionist, and personal trainer.

Weight Management for Life is an excellent adjunct to individual, couples, or family therapy.  I enjoy collaborating with other practitioners and have found it to be extremely beneficial to the participants.

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